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Developed and launched wireless equipment series ZigDrive. Combining the wired and wireless series composed of a single Hybrid building management system. At the end of 2015 the market has more than 300 representative offices in the CIS.


Popular series LanDrive2 continues to produce. New realities and demands of the market provide an impetus to development. INSYTE Electronics begins development of a series of wireless equipment for Smart home based on the communication Protocol ZigBee.
The company continues to develop dealer network. In 2012 more than 200 partners sell products INSYTE.


Start of production and sales of the most advanced series of equipment for Smart houses LanDrive2. Continuous improvement of products, improving the quality and accessibility attracts a growing number of partners in the dealer network. At the end of 2008, the number of offices was already 140.


Realizing the effectiveness of the production of automation equipment managers of the group of companies "INSIGHT" make a decision on the allocation of production areas in a separate organization. As a result of reorganization the company INSYTE Electronics, which transferred all professionals, right, the production base.

At the time of the reorganization overdue upgrade solution produce series LanDrive. During the year developed a new line of LanDrive2. Products gets a new body, new controller, new software. Taking into account all the wishes of customers and dealers.


The experience allowed the researchers to develop a completely new series LanDrive for one year. In 2006, the manufacture launched the first production batch, operating on twisted-pair. At that time the company's products are sold and installed 50 dealers in Russia. Dealer network with great enthusiasm adopted a new. Ensure a high data transmission rate, the number of simultaneously operating devices in a single project increased from 36 to 247. The system capabilities have been added new software to configure. More convenient and intuitive for the integrators. Series LanDrive had an extensive competitive advantages. Low price, high quality, ease of integration allowed for 2 years of production to increase dealership network to 100 companies. The geography network has expanded to the level of the CIS. Now the products are sold not only in Russia but also in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Azerbaijan.

Most experts admit that the series LanDrive has become the most available series to create a Smart home. It is to this day, or rather its second incarnation.


The direction of production of Smart homes is growing and developing. The size of projects increases. Having acquired vast experience in the development of the equipment power lines, the developers came to the conclusion that it is based on trends, has a low potential for development. The market demanded a great number of Executive modules in projects, high speed data transmission. The power line as a basis is not allowed. The decision was made to start the development of a new series, which transmits data by cable "twisted pair". Was selected the RS-485 standard and Modbus Protocol. Modbus Protocol and by far the most widely used Protocol on the planet. As practice shows, the choice was correct.


Preparation and launch of the first series for building automation PowerDrive. Newly-issued series produces a sensation of its value and availability of industry specialists. Products from the first announcement starts to compete with the standard X10. Both types of products and PowerDrive and X10 for data transmission using conventional power cables, laying of outlets and switches. Unlike X10, PowerDrive works several times faster and more reliable.

The company produces this range of products until 2005.


Group of companies "INSIGHT" in 2001 on the basis of the Management company "INSIGHT Management" provides direction in the development and production of electronic equipment for building automation brand INSYTE. In the development of a group of researchers from Polytechnic Institute Department of Automated control systems Perm. Specialists are trained in the Austrian Institute of automation. Scientists begin to develop new systems building automation "Smart house". In the past two years there has been the development and testing of the first series of equipment for smart home brand PowerDrive. This series transfers data between modules on a power line.